Vol Vrac dueling network forums is hiring faggots !

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Vol Vrac dueling network forums is hiring faggots !

Post by The Vladimir on Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:54 am

Ever wanted to become a faggot?

Heres your life-time oportunity!


Be active and interested in this position.
Have a Jeff Jones poster in your room or even better,his picture on your desktop.
6-pack abs
Send your irl pictures to Wolfiejim so he can rate you 1-10

If you qualify to the requirements, you can apply on this topic by answering the below questions:

Are you currently active on this forum?
Do you have any experience with Faggots?
Why do you want to become a Faggot?
Why should we pick you out of everyone else for the position you are applying for? Be specific.
The Vladimir
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