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Just something I wrote and posted on forums about week before Christmas of 2012th. Of course, admins on DNF, abusive as they are, banned me and deleted my post. So, I though I could post it here. At least nobody is going to delete it here.

Very recently, on the world we're standing on...


 Episode I:
 Card revolution

  On planet Earth, where mankind lives
 was  created  a  site  called  Dueling
 Network.  Created by  an  honorable
 young  duelist  named  Black  luster
 soldier, it was a peaceful site  where
 everyone could build their own deck
 and duel whenever they wanted. It
 truly was a heaven for every single

 But,  not  so  long  ago,  there  rised
another kind of duelists. Duelists who
enjoyed torturing the duelists with lame
jokes which no one finds amusing, by
boring them to death while they wait for
an admin with their prey. The kind of
duelists that call themselves trolls...

Trolls begun with hunting down duelists
on wide web to make them join their cause.
Card revolution has begun. Luckily, new
order was born: a Kuriboh justice order.
And now, the war has totally emerged,
leaving the extinction of duelists wherever
it takes place. Only hope left for Dueling
Network is a Kuriboh justice order and
their most promising warrior: Sephiroth

And now, we direct the happenings of this story to the most important event in this moment. The world wide web was peaceful when it was looked from a Google search. But on every site, there was a battlefield, and on every battlefield, there were warriors. Every warrior had his belief. But the main two beliefs were stored in each group of warriors. A Kuriboh justice fought for freedom of their site, and the Troll empire fought only for their evil causes. It all started with a young duelist named dragunityking123 whose goal was to entertain himself with irritating others. With every second, he turned more to the troll side, leaving his role of an ordinary DN duelist. His greatest advirsary was Sephiroth Soulus, a bright and intelligent duelist with unlimited possibilities. The two met on a public chat when dragunityking123 made his first troll move, spamming the public chat. Sephiroth asked him nicely not to do it, but dragunityking123 was persistant and just kept with trolling. Admins, leaders of this site, refused to have such a trolling brat on their site, so they wanted to teach him a lesson. They banned him for 2 days hoping he would learn that it is useless to spam and troll since he'll always get punished. But he didn't learn a lesson. He just grew even more persistant and troll side completely took over him. He became the Troll emperor. In the shadows, he built his Troll empire, his army, day by day he got more soldiers to his cause, and one day, when no one suspected, he attacked with his troops. That day, the First battle of chatbox was fought, and that battle marked the beggining of Card revolution. In those desperate days, the DN established a new order of justice: Kuriboh justice order with Nitroglycerin as their leader. His student Sephiroth Soulus was the best duelist on DN there was and he was the last hope of DN... And now, with that being told, it's time to get to the present...

And now, let's get back to the present. Sephiroth Soulus leads his troops to the Third battle of chatbox. Kuriboh troops were highly trained and resistant to mind affecting powers of trolls. Alpha squad was supposed to take control of the Watcher's chat, beta squad was supposed to take public chat, and gamma squad was supposed to take control of private chat. They were heavily reinforced, but that still wasn't enough to go against the Troll empire. However, they had the true fighting spirit on their side. And so, the battle has officialy begun. Duel monsters were popping out everywhere. Duels were intense and the one who lost would be I.P. banned from DN forever. The reason why Troll empire was immune to ban other then be banned through a duel is because they had an anti-ban software called "Nitro Destroyer 2000". If the person would be banned, anti-ban software would just negate the ban, so the only way they can be banned is by defeating them in a duel. Sephiroth and his master Nitroglycerin were fighting elite warriors called Crapsters.The two barely had the chance, but with the help of their fellow soldiers they managed to defeat 13 of them. But that was only the beggining. Their true enemy was dangerous emperor's assassin called Aeroevans who was brutal and ruthless in dueling, as much as in trolling. He was waiting for the two law and justice bringers to come to him and to confront him. Sephiroth, Nitroglycerin and their delta squad were breaking defenses of Troll troopers and slowly gaining their way to the Dueling room. The room where only true duelists could go and duel. Once everyone could go there, but not anymore for it has become the dangerous place for everyone who hasn't a title of Kuriboh guardian because there could be lurking the Troll lords, emperor's greatest duelists, next to him, his apprentices. Sephiroth and his master along with their squad finally broke in the dueling room and found their adversary Aeroevans. This is the battle only Sephiroth and his master can win...

In the last chapter we saw our two heroes breaking through defenses of the troll army and finding their way to the troll lord Aeroevans himself. Now the three of them are left alone to begin the combat which will decide the outcome of the Third battle of chatbox and possibly the fate of Dueling Network itself. Duel has started. All three of them are drawing out their decks and begin their duel. The duel was going pretty well for our heroes until the troll lord Aeroevans used his troll powers to summon Five-headed dragon out of nowhere. Now, the two of them could easily troll as well, but it would break their Kuriboh justice code and yet, if they don't troll, the DN will fall, because this isn't about player lowering his life points by himself. Once the duelist is hit by monster or anything that would inflict damage to his life points, they would automatically get lower. The two justice bringers were in a horrible position. If they troll, the troll power of emperor would automatically make them fall to the troll side, which means the DN would be in even greater danger. The choice was difficult. The only logical thing to do was to play fair. So, they did. Unfortunately, things haven't been going well for their squads, as well. Troll warriors were everywhere. For every fallen troll, five other trolls rised. It all seemed hopeless. And it was. The battle was going on for two hours and there were almost no Kuriboh soldiers. And our two heroes? Well, let's just say that the troll lord was in the lead 5000000 LP against their 200 LP. Luckily for our two heroes, they had something that Aeroevans didn't have. It was a strategy and wise thinking. Aeroevans wasn't very bright with dueling strategies. He had three Five headed dragons on the field and two Blue-eyes white dragons. For some strange trolling reason, he threw all cards from his deck, hand and graveyard to the lake nearby. Sephiroth Soulus activated Dark hole which can destroy all monsters on the field. He did it. Aeroevans' monsters were gone. It was troll lord's turn. But then, surprise! He had no more cards in his deck which means he lost. He was permanently I.P. banned from Dueling Network and our two heroes brought justice. Seeing how their lord has fallen to the horrors of I.P. ban, they escaped to their ships and took off. A Third battle of chatbox was won by Kuriboh justice order.

In the last chapter, our two heroes managed to defeat the evil troll lord named Aeroevans and now they are returning to their homes. Their homes are profiles. Each profile indicates someone's home. That's where duelists were safe. After a Third battle of chatbox Dueling Network became unusually quiet. To solve the mistery of quiet DN, Kuriboh order had a meeting. It was in that meeting they found out that new duelist has signed up to the Dueling Network! They were delighted and scared at the same time, because this may be another troll, and yet it could be saviour of the Dueling Network. They approached him at the main screen of DN and got convinced he wasn't a troll. They tested his dueling capabilities and got shocked. This duelist had more power then Nitroglycerin and Sephiroth Soulus together, only he hadn't unleashed it. Who was this young duelist? His name was edicrash. Seeing his power they immidiately put him on a DN training session. In only a few days, he has done more than many couldn't do in weeks. He was now a true and full member of a Kuriboh justice order. Dueling Network was in great need of another hopeful fresh soldier, and now they got him. Now, Kuriboh justice order was preparing for another battle. Battle against the evil and powerful troll emperor dragunityking123.

It's morning. Sun rises. Everyone is ready to hop into the greatest day of their life up until now. The day when they plan to defeat emperor himself. Sephiroth Soulus, his master Nitroglycerin and his friend edicrash have entered their mouse cursor to plot a course for Troll Star. Troll Star was emperor's weapon and he had his throne there. The power of Troll Star was so powerful it could destroy the entire Dueling Network. The reason why emperor didn't do so is because it was not ready yet. There could be failures in the system which could make their Star blow in pieces along with them. Our heroes decided to end the reign of emperor and get rid of the Troll Star for good. Flight to the Troll Star was like every other flight with one difference. They knew the chances to defeat the emperor were one to million. They tried to gain their strength and make strategies that could help them win the duel and the war. In the middle of the flight, however, they had lost control of the mouse cursor. In order to survive, they had to use what was left of their control over it to land on the nearby Google page. When they got out of their mouse cursor they found themselves on a war ravaged site called Wikipedia. Wikipedia was main source of fuel to the Dueling Network, and now it is barely holding together. Our heroes were kind of lucky, since Wikipedia was filled with crashed and battered mouse cursors so they could use parts of them to fix their shuttle. The only problem was, however, that none of them was mechanic and they had no idea on how to fix their cursor. But, they were lucky again because this page was also filled with war veterans who understood mechanics. And they just found one. His name was yugiohforever5. He also had a pet dragon he called SW Gale. Gale was a nice, intelligent, useful and strong dragon. He helped his master to build his own mouse cursors. After about half an hour, their mouse cursor was ready to fly and our heroes invited their new friends to aid them in a battle. Yugiohforever5 and his dragon eagerly accepted. Their journey to the Troll Star has continued with new friends and hopefully it will end in a good way...

After a long trip, our heroes finally managed to get to the Troll Star where their greatest challenge of all times was awaiting them. It's not easy to get in the Troll Star. It was a giant space station covered with a great defense system. There was a great chance you would be hit by turret that would automatically shoot any imposter. Lucky for our heroes, they met a war veteran who knew how to protect their mouse cursor from turrets. His fellow dragon Gale took one of the codes from a troll trooper he beat up. That code was put in every troll cursor so they don't get shot down by the turrets. And, with the skills and smarts of our war veteran, he put the codes into their mouse cursor and now five heroes made their way to the Troll Star. But there was another problem. Once they entered, there was a whole army of the troll troopers. The great battle has begun. Troll troopers were persistant, ruthless and it seemed like there was an infinite number of them. But, of course our heroes had a plan. They called reinforcements before landing on the Troll Star and sent them codes so they don't get hit by the turrets. In a second there landed a hundreds of Kuriboh mouse cursors, and from every cursor came out about 20 Kuriboh soldiers. Our five heroes decided to make their way to the emperor's throne room. As usual, they had to fight tight defenses of the Troll Star. They were fighting troll troopers, commanders, crapsters, hundreds and hundreds of them. In about two hours, they managed to make their way to the emperor's floor. That floor was reserved for the emperor and his apprentices only. They still hadn't got to the throne room, but they did make their way to the arena where they met three of emperor's apprentices. Emperor had four of them, but Aeroevans was defeated by our heroes. Three assassins, dangerous and unpredictable were ready to fight the Dueling Network's last hope. Fortunately, our heroes became much stronger then they were back in the Third battle of chatbox and now they were ready for anything. In the mean time, in the skies above the Troll Star, two fleets have also begun the space battle. Battle of the Troll Star has officialy begun. Kuriboh fleet planned on destroying the Troll Star. Even though it wouldn't destroy the emperor since he had his software Nitrodestroyer2000 that protected him from any ban from the Dueling Network it would bring them a lot of advantage, because then the Trolls' main source of power would be gone. Our heroes had a rough time against the emperor's assassins, but they got a help from their fellow admins. Fifteen admins joined the battle against assassins and near the end of the battle, when only one assassin remained, unbelievable happened. Nitroglycerin was defeated and banned from the Dueling Network. Sephiroth managed to take the last assassin out. Knowing there is no time for grieving, he made his way to the throne room along with his friends, to begin the final confrontation against dragunityking123, or also known as the Troll emperor...

Our heroes finally made their way to the emperor's throne room. He was expecting them. He gave them a final chance to join him, but, naturally, they refused. Then the emperor started laughing. He was laughing until Gale hit him so hard he flew over entire throne room. But the emperor couldn't be defeated with fists, only by dueling with cards. So, they all drew out their duel disks and started the duel that would decide the fate of the Dueling Network. Emperor used his troll power to summon 3 god cards. He could draw cards until he got Exodia, or just summon Horakhti, but he didn't have them in their deck, because if they would be summoned, their power would destroy him. So he had to go with this. Meanwhile, in the skies above the Troll Star, Kuriboh fleet was losing. Troll fleet was just too well established, reinforced and organised. Admiral tempestblue was in charge of Kuriboh fleet. He was a brilliant military leader, but even with his strategies, his fleet still barely had the chance. In the throne room, where ultimate battle is occuring, already 12 admins fell, along with yugiohforever5. Only 3 admins, Sephiroth, Gale and edicrash. Emperor fueled his life points to infinite and our heroes had 2100 life pints together. What could save them was Exodia, but the admin who had Exodia has already lost. Only thing left that could help them win the duel was by summoning Horakhti on their field. Sephiroth had that card, and it was his turn to draw. And the miracle happened. He drew Horakhti! But there was a problem. If he summoned Horakhti through the troll way, that would mean he would be destroyed and all would be for nothing. But there was a solution. He could summon Horakhti and change its control to the emperor. That would mean emperor and Sephiroth would both lose. It was a hard choice to make, but it was the only way to defeat the emperor and to end the Card revolution. Sephiroth said bye to his friends for one last time and summoned Horakhti. The great wave of energy came out from the card. Before Sephiroth would be banished from Dueling Network forever, he changed control of Horakhti to the emperor. Horakhti's power was unleashed and it banished Sephiroth and emperor from Dueling Network forever. But it still didn't end. Emperor was defeated, but the space battle was still on. Fortunately, the reason why emperor's fleet was so powerful and unbreakable was because emperor was using his power to make them strong. But now that the emperor is gone, troll fleet was now weak and vulnerable. In a few minutes, space battle ended as well, with Kuriboh fleet emerging victorious. After a battle, Kuriboh fleet destroyed the Troll Star and turned it into a world wide web dust. What was left of Kuriboh soldiers got back to their home. When they returned home they had a big celebration. After a long war, duelists could finally walk safely on the Dueling Network without worrying someone would attack them and banish them from Dueling Network forever. Everything was back to normal. Everything except countless of duelists that fell in a duel and got banished from Dueling Network forever. In the other hand, if it wasn't for them, it wouldn't be for Dueling Network as well. And that is why every single duelist, fallen or alive, was respected. What happened after war? Edicrash and his friends who fought the emperor got rewarded with medals of honor and glory and were claimed to be the greatest duelists that ever stepped foot on Dueling Network. Gale and edicrash became closest friends after this and always sticked together. This was the story about Card revolution and fellow duelists of Dueling Network. But the end of one story could always mean the beggining of another one, and who knows? Maybe our heroes will one day be called upon yet again to defend the glory of Dueling Network and its duelists...

This is it, people! First episode of Card Wars is finally finished! Thank you for supporting me! I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope I'll enjoy writing the sequel as much! I want thank the people who made this all possible: Black Luster Soldier, Sephiroth Soulus, edicrash, AeroEvans, yugioh forever5, (SW) Gale, dragunityking123, all admins on Dueling Network, and you! Thank you all!
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