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The second part.

Very recently, on the world we're standing on...


Episode II: Cult of Moon

Dueling Network suffered a long war
caused by the Troll empire. Three
months ago, above the Troll empire's
greatest weapon, Troll Star, ended a
final, brutal and long battle in which
many duelists were lost. Kuriboh justice
order was victorious. But Even though
the war ended, Dueling Network still
struggles to survive...

Wikipedia, world's largest web site was
ravaged by the war. It was a source of
fuel to the Dueling Network. Now that it's
gone, Dueling Network barely exists. If
something is not done, Dueling Network
will lost all of its fuel it has left in about
two weeks. That is why edicrash and his
dragon friend Gale have been given a task
from the Kuriboh council to find any source
of fuel, otherwise, their victory in the war will
be for nothing...

In the meantime, while Dueling Network
is finding a fuel source, there rised another
threat to it. A new cult named Cult of Moon
has been born. Dueling Network and
Kuriboh justice order didn't suspect a thing
and the cult has used that to their advantage.
Their goal is slightly different than the Troll
empire's. They want to revive an ancient
lord that didn't just rule the Dueling Network.
He ruled the whole world wide web. His name
was Haminos Rex. He caused a massive
attack on a whole world wide web and
in that same attack, he murdered three fourth of
it. The legend says that he was defeated by
a mysterious warrior. Now, Haminos is
about to return and finish what he started...

Three months have passed since the final battle of troll war and the memories are still fresh. Especially to edicrash and Gale. They both saw their friends dying in front of their own eyes. They are still mentally weak. That is why the council sent them on a mission to find a fuel for Dueling Network. The reason why they sent them is also so they can clear their minds for once. Finding a fuel shouldn't be a difficult mission. It's just flying from site to site, negotiating, and so on. So, our two heroes packed their things because they were going on a few-days-mission. Their mouse cursor took off to the wonders of the world wide web. Journey has begun. When looking from the window, world wide web was an enormous empty blank space with spots. Each spot was a web page. But deeper in the cyberspace, in the unknown and uncharted regions, there is an exit from the world wide web and the enter to the regions where lurked unknown dangers. Anyone who would go there would never return. Our heroes were searching for days and found no web page that would secure them the fuel. That is when they decided to plot a course for the unknown regions. They knew the risks, and they were ready for anything. Even for the death in a dark and uncharted territory...

Our heroes plotted a course to the unknown regions of cyberspace. It took them about two hours to get there, and when they made their way to the unknown regions, they saw an infinite vast of space filled with zeros and ones. There were also web pages that weren't really web pages. They were more like prime functions of the cyberspace. As much as the view was beautiful, there were dangers there. Viruses that corrupted the systems. They avoided viruses and landed on a first prime system they found. When they got out of their cursor, they saw a place with old technology, so old, they couldn't even recognize of what parts they were made of. However, they did find the fuel. Now all they have to do is get back to the Dueling Network to tell the council they found a fuel and that they can begin with its transfer. They headed back to their cursor and landed off. As they were landing off, something shoot them and completely paralyzed their defense system. Only thing they could do is to somehow escape viruses. They didn't make it, however. They were shot down again and they had no choice but to land on another prime system. This one wasn't very different from the other one they were on. Everything was pretty much the same. It was filled with all the old technology which could actually be useful to build mouse cursor. Since Gale was mechanic with yugiohforever5, he knew how to build a mouse cursor. The only problem was that this was unknown technology that could be thousands of years old. They tried to find some natives who understood this technology to help them. But who knows if there were any natives here? Maybe the unknown region was never populated. But, that didn't stop our heroes to keep searching. Just as they started with the search, they found someone. Maybe it were natives, and maybe it were just another group of people that was stuck here. Our heroes approached them and tried to talk to them. But they couldn't because they were talking on a totally different language they have never heard of. This proved to be complicated. But then, they got an idea. They started to communicate with them with a prime cyber language they learned from school on Dueling Network. And it worked! They were finally communicating. They learned that these people were natives. After a long talk natives decided to help them since they had no real business on their own. Natives built a mouse cursor that had much better equipped system, much better defense and an anti virus. Our heroes were lucky to land here because this was the only populated system on this part of unknown regions. So, after farewell, our heroes landed off. The journey in the unknown regions was safe now because of anti virus. Any virus that would approach in radius of five meters would automatically be wiped out. And so, after a long journey our heroes finally made their way to the world wide web and to Dueling Network bringing a good news and a new technology that could really help them in the future...

Two days later, Dueling Network transfered the fuel from the system in the unknown region to themselves. With the new fuel source, condition on DN has been stabilized. Here, the struggle to survive has ended, and everything was back to normal, at least for time being. These three months after the war, when Dueling Network has been healing, new threat was rising. They were trolls who were banned before dragunityking123 has even made his account on Dueling Network. In their exile, these people have been traveling around the Dueling Network. Just before the war started, they entered in the unknown regions where they learned about the Great Cyber War that was held 5000 years ago. The Cyberspace was then divided in two sectors. Sector of Creators which would now be located in the world wide web and sector of Haminos Rex, an ancient warlord who exterminated three fourth of cyberspace. His sector would now be located in the unknown regions. That is probably the reason why those regions are so dangerous. Maybe Haminos has left his powerful dark aura there that corrupts unknown regions. Haminos Rex was in reality a very powerful virus who had a power to destroy whole cyberspace. And he would make it, if mysterious warrior hadn't get in his way and defeated him. Legend says that the mysterious warrior was leader of Creators and that he sacrificed himself and his entire army to kill Haminos. He succeded. Haminos has been dead for 5000 years, but now, he may return. The cult was called Cult of Moon. They managed to find an ancient device that was used in the time of Great Cyberspace War. The cult learned that device could restore the dead being back to life. But first, that device needed an energy. It needed a great amount of energy. That is when cult went to the remains of the Troll Star. After its destruction, the great energy was unleashed. And that was not only because of its destruction. It was because Horakhti was summoned. There was more than enough energy to revive Haminos Rex. Cult has collected the energy from the remains of the Troll Star and headed back to the unknown regions, to the tomb of Haminos Rex they found two months ago. Only few hours were left until Haminos would be revived after 5000 years. When the cult finally arrived to his tomb, they used the device to bring Haminos back to life. Few seconds later, from his tomb was unleashed the energy so great that it could blind anyone who would look directly into it. After the blaze of energy has been unleashed, in front of the cult was standing no other than Haminos Rex himself...

After 5000 years, Haminos Rex is reborn. His cult greeted him and welcomed him back to life. Haminos was still little confused, but after the cult has explained to him what happened, he remembered everything. As a thanks, he gave them a bigger purpose. He allowed them to be his servants through the eternity. Cult has, naturally, accepted. Haminos was planning to finish what he started 5000 years ago. Now he was even more dangerous because now he was motivated by greater anger and hate than he ever possessed. Before Haminos and his cult prepared an attack, they gathered every troll from world wide web to join their cause. Now there were thousands of them. Haminos and his cult had prepared for an assault. In a few hours, above every web page appeared an enormous fleet that brought death to almost every single man and woman on world wide web. Dueling Network had no idea what was going on. They knew it couldn't be Troll empire. Edicrash and Gale went on to protect their home. There was a problem, though. This battle was no more about card dueling. It was about cyberpowers only the ones chosen by Haminos could wield. In this case, cards were useless. Dueling Network was at last destroyed and turned into a one big pile of rubble. No one survived except edicrash, Gale and few duelists who managed to get their way to the cursor. Thanks to the ancient technology their cursor had, they were undetected by the Haminos' sensors. They plotted a course to unknown regions. It was, ironically, the only safe place in a whole known cyberspace. Looking back on a world wide web, all our heroes could see was a smoke and fire that was spreading from every single web site. After a thousands of years of existing, world wide web has fallen before the most powerful being that has ever walked the cyberspace, Haminos Rex...

Our heroes have left the world wide web behind them assualted, crashed, burning, dying. When they got to the unknown regions, they landed on the same system they landed on when they first got here. They expected a warm welcome, but when they got there, natives attacked them immediately. They were brainwashed. They were under control of Haminos Rex. Our heroes had no choice but to get away. They had no chance against the whole army of them. So, they barely managed to escape their system. Then they plotted a course even deeper in the unknown regions. After hours of flight, they got to the heart of cyberspace. They were amazed. They saw a giant source of light with zeros and ones that was pushing them to itself. They didn't know what to do. They thought they would die for sure. When they finally got sucked up by this great light, they found themselves in a totally different world. It seems they got in some different dimension. After hours of examining it, they learned they got to the desktop. Desktop was a world that was filled with many portals that led to another worlds. Those portals were named shortcuts. In the whole cyber-universe, there were billions of desktops, each one different in its own way. While our heroes were wandering the desktop with no clue how to get out of there, they were suddenly attacked by Trojan, the dangerous virus. For a second it seemed they were lost, but then, something unexpected happened. Just when Trojan jumped to them, Gale shot a blaze of energy that made Trojan disappear. Others were in shock. No one knew what was that, or how did that happened, but then edicrash figured it out. While they were being transported to this world, that enormous energy somehow changed their DNA. It seems that each one of them now has special cyberpower. Edicrash felt that he was more in touch with his dueling monsters than he was ever before. He still didn't know what has happened to him, but he felt that he would soon find out. Our heroes decided to explore the desktop from their ship. After half an hour of flight, they saw another portal. Edicrash felt connected to that portal. They went through the portal and found themselves at the world wide web. That was unbelievable because there were many portals on the desktop and there were almost no chances to go through the one that would lead them home. It seems that edicrash got somehow connected to his home and his duel monsters. So, they finally got back to world wide web, but it was not as it was anymore. It was ravaged and destroyed. That is when they were attacked by one of the Haminos' troopers' ships. Since our heroes' ship had almost no fuel, they couldn't fight back. That is when a random duel monster popped out from nowhere and shot down the hostile vessel. Our heroes were in shock! Dueling monster has appeared for real, not just in holographic form! It seems edicrash also got a power that brings monsters to real form. Now, with cyberpowers, our heroes finally had a chance to defeat Haminos Rex and to avenge world wide web...

Our heroes made their way to the smoking ruins of Dueling Network. They were horrified. They couldn't imagine that the world wide web would become the ruined crater. Edicrash felt anger in his heart, anger so strong he never felt like this before. He wanted to kill Haminos. He couldn't forgive him for what he has done. Edicrash and Gale searched their profiles in hope something valuable was left undamaged. But nothing was left. Nothing except the emptiness and void of life. They tried to find any survivors, but everyone was dead. Even the greatest masters of Dueling Network, including Black Luster Soldier. After checking the ruins of Dueling Network, our heroes made their way to the Haminos' site. There they saw all left survivors being enslaved by Haminos. From the billions of people on world wide web, only about thousand of them remained. It was hard to watch the torturing Haminos was putting them through. Edicrash and Gale have had enough. They immediately went to rescue the slaves. Even though they now had cyberpowers, it was still dangerous mission. But they kept going, knowing that they really don't have much to lose. Our heroes had to kill Haminos and defeat his cult first, otherwise the slaves will be destroyed. They made their way to one of the hangars. There they found one of those big mouse cursors that were used to destroy the whole world wide web. They managed to sneak in, but cult troops spotted them. They started shooting, but luckily, our heroes now had their powers. Edicrash managed to banish half of them, and edicrash summoned another random monster that killed the rest. Our heroes would be dead by now if it wasn't for their powers. After the fight, they made their way to the bridge and started the cursor. They raised it to the air and blasted the whole one fourth of Haminos' site. Haminos has heard the emergency and immediately made his way to the attacked spot. Above he saw the big mouse cursor that belonged to him, and then with his cyberpower he telepathically crashed it down. While the cursor was crashing down, our heroes jumped out of the cursor and Gale saved edicrash by his wings. After they landed on the ground, they saw Haminos Rex in front of them. In that moment, our heroes didn't feel any pain, nor the fear. They only felt a great anger bursting out their chests. The anger they were willing to unleash on their most hated enemy. The duel that was the only chance to get rid of Haminos Rex has begun, and hopefully it will end well for everyone...

The great battle against Haminos Rex has finally started. Our heroes outnumbered Haminos, but unfortunately they didn't outclass him. Even so, they didn't turn away from battle. After all they've been through they wanted to return the favour. It seemed the battle was going well. Gale's banishing power didn't work on Haminos, but he was beating the hell out of him, and edicrash summoned out his most powerful monsters to take care of him, but he was still too powerful, instead of losing energy while he was beaten down, he absorbed it instead. And so the Haminos became even stronger and deadlier. He didn't even feel a thing. Edicrash then ordered his greatest monster to crash the big mouse cursor on him. But even that didn't work. Haminos raged and used his full force to destroy our heroes. Luckily, they were pretty fast and managed to dodge every attack. Then, edicrash got an idea. He summoned Yubel-The Ultimate Nightmare, and with its effect, he could defeat Haminos. Yubel could totally lower Haminos' energy and then destroy him. So edicrash ordered Yubel to attack Haminos and to finish him off. Yubel's strike was so powerful and Haminos was burning and slowly dying in pain. Then, he died once again, just like 5000 years ago. After they finished Haminos, they used another big mouse cursor to destroy the rest of the cult. They did it. Finally, it was over. And the remaining survivors were freed from slavery. The only problem now was where to find a home now that it's all destroyed. And then, edicrash and Gale recalled of the unknown regions. Survivors were led to the unknown regions in mouse cursors. After a few hours, everyone got to the old system that was the first place in the unknown regions our heroes landed on. There, the Haminos' influence was gone, and natives were friendly once again and welcomed them to their new home. After many hours, everyone got their new homes and they got to lead normal lives once again. But, it won't be the same ever again. World wide web was destroyed, along with almost whole population on it. Still, the Cult of Moon has been defeated along with Haminos, and they could now be forgotten. Edicrash and Gale formed a new order. The order that was known as New cyber order. Another great adventure has ended, but there are still dangers in the cyberspace that are unknown and that could reveal themselves, and they could be much more dangerous than any threat our heroes ever faced. But, for now, our heroes are enjoying their freedom and their new life...

This is it, folks! Another episode of Card Wars is finished! I would like to thank everyone that supported me! Especially (SW) Gale, because without him, this episode wouldn't be published! With that being said, the Card Wars are still not finished! In the next episode, our heroes will make their last final battle! Will they be victorious, like they were up until now, or will they fall? Find out in the next episode of Card Wars! Yours and truly, nousername123!
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