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The last part. I never got to finish it. I may finish it if I have time.

Very recently, on the world we're standing on…



One year ago, world wide web was
crushed and Destroyed by the hand
of an ancient lord Haminos Rex. The
assault was so big that only about thousand
People remained. Some time after the
attack, Rex was Defeated and survivors
were sent to live in the unknown Regions.
There, they now live a new life, and a New
Cyber Order was formed…

In the meantime, the whole cyberspace is
echoing with The screams of dead. Those
echoes have awoken another threat. While
the New Cyber Order is living peacefully and
while they don't suspect a thing, a divine force,
older than cyberspace has been awoken. This
divine force existed before the time itself and
it's called Death…

And so, edicrash and his best friend Gale are
once again The only persons who can stop this
force. Only this time, this is not a random troll
emperor who wants to destroy a web site, nor
an ancient lord of known cyberspace, this is
a divine force that can't be stopped, even by
the cyberpowers. Our heroes must find a way
to take themselves to the divine level of dueling,
or not just the known cyberspace will end,
but so will everything in the cyberspace…

A year ago, the massive attack occured in the whole world wide web, the former home of our heroes. After the attack, only about thousand people remained and they were enslaved by Haminos Rex and his Cult of Moon. Now, everyone made their home in the unknown regions where also a new order was brought. New Cyber Order. Again, everything was back to normal. There were no more Yu-Gi-Oh duelists because everyone from the Dueling Network was dead, except edicrash and Gale, so the Kuriboh Justice Order was gone. The system they were living on was divided on two political parts: New Cyber Order and the Elder Republic. Elder Republic was formed by natives of system in ancient times. Edicrash and Gale were leaders of New Cyber Order, and Tokar was in charge of Elder Republic. Tokar was a very old and wise man. He was one of natives on that system. He and our heroes made an agreement to divide their system in two parts. And so New Cyber Order was formed. Year after Haminos' assault, our heroes wanted to go back to world wide web to find any souvenir. Even though they didn't find anything last time when they were here, they still wanted to come back. It was their home, after all. While they were searching through the world wide web their sensors detected a large amount of energy near the Dueling Network. It seems that energy was unleashed because of all incidents that happened here. Dueling Network had most suffered out of all web pages since it wasn't only attacked by Haminos Rex, but also had a war against Troll Empire that lasted two years. Plus, all that energy of all duelists from there. All that unleashed energy in the war and Haminos' attack created another phenomenon that was soon about to occur. Our heroes had no idea what might happen, when all of a sudden, they were hit by a great earthquake. During the earthquake more and more energy was unleashed until finally from the sky came out a whole army of strange beings that weren't people. There were so many of them, their fleet was covering the whole sky. Then, all of a sudden, they flew away to the wonders of cyberspace...

When our heroes thought they've seen everything, they were wrong. They haven't seen a whole army of unhuman beings that just came out of sky and flew away to the wonders of cyberspace. But, they were kind of used to it since they were serving in a war and were attacked by an ancient cult. Of course, this time, it seemed much more serious since now they really had no idea what they're dealing with. But, who knows? Maybe that army doesn't want to conquer cyberspace and destroy every single human in it. They tried to think optimistic, but they couldn't. They went on to follow the army. The army consisted of some kind of demons that had wings. They didn't have any mouse cursor or something like that, but they were faster then them. Our heroes were barely catching up with them. Army went to the unknown regions. Gale and edicrash thought that they wanted to kill everyone at their home, but they were wrong. Army flew over their home system without even noticing it. After an hours of flying they made their way to the heart of cyberspace. They already visited it before when they were attacked by Cult of Moon. There they got their cyberpowers. They didn't want to come too close, but the gravitation there was three times greater than the last time they were here. They had no chance of escape and along with the army, they fell into the big source of light. After a big flash, they found themselves in some strange new space. It was still cyberspace but it wasn't like any other sector they've ever seen. Where did they arrive? It seems in the oldest sector of the whole cyberspace: LEO I. It was an enormous sector, that didn't even had a programs to live on. There were some programs there but they were all unsuitable for living. The army of demons has landed on some sort of program that was picking all data from every sector of cyberspace. The army picked all that data and then landed off. After more hours of flying, they arrived on the oldest program ever. That program is where cyberspace has begun with its expansion. That program belonged to the gods of cyberspace. There were six of them: god of wind, god of earth, god of water, god of fire, god of light and the god of darkness, also called Death. Out of all gods, Death was the only one who was evil and cruel. He was twisted. One day, millions years ago, Death had a battle against other gods. Death lost and was sent to be trapped in eternity of an ancient artifact. Before he was sent there, Death secretely made his own army. Death's army. That army was found by the gods two years after Death was trapped in the artifact and was sent to the artifact themselves. Now, all that negative energy that was unleashed during the Troll war and Haminos' assault has unleaashed the power of the darkness and army could come out. Death couldn't because it was too powerful and needed more energy. That is why army was collecting all data from the creation of cyberspace. So they could return Death from the millions of years of torturing in the artifact prison. Our heroes, of course, didn't know why was army collecting all that data. Even if they knew and even of they wanted to stop them, they couldn't. They were outnumbered three billions against two. And so, after they found the artifact, army performed some sort of ritual and after a few minutes, A great dark energy has been unleashed from the artifact. That energy was actually Death, god of darkness. The energy has formed into a great creature, big and scary. That was Death...

So, after millions of years, Death has finally been unleashed and revived. Our heroes had no idea what was going on.
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