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How does this site work? Empty How does this site work?

Post by vol vrac on Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:53 am

So, those who register on this site will start off as newbie members. By having your post count encreased, you will progress to having a godly member title. Here is how to get a different title:

30 posts: Junior member
100 posts: Member
500 posts: Advanced member
1000 posts: Veteran member
5000 posts: Legendary member
10 000 posts: Godly member

Next, we have ranks. Most of them are administrative. Listing from lowest to highest, they are: Scum, Faggot, Protege, Moderator, Super Moderator, Administrator, Minion of vol vrac, The Next Vol Vrac, The Supreme General and finally, The Supreme King Vol Vrac.

What do those ranks mean?

Scum is someone who spams and dissobeys the rules of this site. They have already banned before and keep dissobeying rules.

Faggot is someone who is... fag? Well, for this you should really ask other administrators since they are the one who made this group.

Protege is someone who makes a great progress on this site, and admins are considering him/her to become a moderator, or even administrator if his progress is truly remarkable, even if he doesn't meet requirements.

Moderator is a person who moderates the site.

Super moderator is a perosn who has more privilages of moderating.

Administrator is a moderator with all moderating privileges.

Minion of vol vrac is the person chosen by me to be my right hand.

The Next Vol Vrac is someone who is chosen by me to be next vol vrac. Of course, only one person may have that title.

The Supreme General is someone whose only superior is me. Basically, he is the second most powerful member here, and only one can person may have this title.

The Supreme King Vol Vrac is, of course, me. Only I have this title. Nobody can get it because, obviously, they are not me.

Well, this is how titles and ranking system works. If you ever wish to become moderator, just fill an application in Request section!

Next, we have warning system. This is where administrators or moderators add warning points to member. How many, it's up to how much did the user break the rules.

Here is how it basically works:

Minor spam - Spamming a sentence or two outside Spam Paradise: 5 points (last for 3 days)
Moderate spam - Spamming a whole load of text outside the Spam Paradise in one topic: 50 points (last for 7 days)
Major spam - Spamming the whole wide forum OR one topic after you've been warned after the Moderate spam: 80 points (last for 14 days)

Minor abuse - PMing someone when they told you to stop: 20 points (last for 5 days)
Moderate abuse - insulting someone's family, race, religion etc. etc: 70 points (last for 14 days)
Major abuse - Threatening someone to hurt or kill them or their family or friends: 100 points (last for 30 days)

That would be it for warning system. Keep in mind that when you reach total of 100 warning points you will be banned. For how long, depends on how long have you been defying the rules. Here is how ban system works:

Banned for Minor Spam: Can't be banned for minor spam because if a person keeps minor spamming, that makes it moderate or major spamming.

Banned for Moderate Spam: 3 days

Banned for Major Spam: 6 days

Banned for Minor Abuse: 2 days

Banned for Moderate Abuse: 5 days

Banned for Major Abuse: 10 days

Banned for Moderate Spam after already been banned for Moderate Spam: 6 days

Banned for Major Spam after already been banned for Major Spam: 14 days

Banned for Minor Abuse after already been banned for Minor Abuse: 5 days

Banned for Moderate Abuse after already been banned for Moderate Abuse: 14 days

Banned for Major Abuse after already been banned for Major Abuse: Life-Long Ban

If a member is banned after already been banned twice, he/she is banned forever.

Well, this would be all! Obey the rules and be respectable members of this community and everything will be just fine!

                                                                                                 ~vol vrac
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