most controversial (ex) admins

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most controversial (ex) admins Empty most controversial (ex) admins

Post by Vuco on Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:27 am

1. TamA-current head admin, one of founders.Got technical knowledge, but very unreliable admin. Banned many many members simply cos they were giving him critique( such as controversial bans from time he stole warbook and ''edited'' it from TT)
2. Miley Syrus+-was one of biggest contributors on dn and dnf. Banned from trading after he scammed several users.Perma banned long time after it mostly cos of staff that thought of him as their superior and was backing him up
3. Irate-was right hand of bls, one of favorite in game admins, banned for fighting with administration group
4. Cheymcfly aka Cheyasaurus-does not have technical knowledge and is unreliable. Diagnosys: current mascot of dnf.

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