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I love raping people Empty I love raping people

Post by Raper of the Kids on Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:12 am

RulinG NerD

Asking questions about OCG cards or cards that haven't even been printed in the OCG yet (meaning that none of the above have any official rulings in the TCG whatsoever) means that you will also get unofficial rulings. We are not Konami, and we cannot publish rulings. We answer the questions with what we think is (or should be) the correct answer.

Current Articles:

[A guide to proper dueling]

[Proper way to behave in a duel]

Archetype F.A.Q.

Methodology of Side Decking

Countering the Meta

The Admin Guide (Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced)

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Just letting everyone know what a massive faggot I am! I have no life, should have already killed myself, and exist as nothing more than a burden to society. Please mudsling as much hatred my way as you can and be sure to spam my inbox on DN and DNF!

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